President of Council

I am honored to be the first President of the Taiwan Association for Academic Ethics Education (TAAEE). Thank you for your support and trust. I am humbled but profoundly honored to shoulder the responsibility and mission. With the assistance of directors and supervisors, I will do my best as President in the coming three years to serve the members.


The promotion of Taiwan’s academic ethics education traces back to a decade ago. The Academic Ethics Education Project was launched in 2011. This nationwide project was initiated by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan and executed by the University System of Taiwan in a joint effort by many experts, scholars, and government sectors. Along with the completion of the Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE), which is operated by this project, a long-lasting, broader promotion of Taiwan’s academic ethics education is further needed. Thus, we started the preparation for establishing TAAEE in early 2020. The association was established on July 31st of the same year.


The founding of TAAEE received enthusiastic support and recognition. The members of TAAEE were all key figures keen to promote academic ethics in universities, senior high schools, and research institutions. TAAEE provides teachers with news about education training and develops teaching materials for different grade levels. TAAEE also serves as an excellent interpersonal communication platform, in the hope to have positive impact on researchers’ abilities in problem-solving, critical thinking, and professional ethics judgment. TAAEE is dedicated to supporting educational ideas with practical actions, improving the productivity and quality of Taiwan’s research development and scientific communication.


Thank you again for your participation. TAAEE is here to serve its members and we welcome you to the TAAEE family!


President of Council, 
Chien Chou