How to join us:

1. Please download the application form and fill it in. If you join as a student membership, please fill in the application form for students and attach a copy of the student card. (Here are the application forms for individuals, students, and groups.)

2. Please send your application form to us, and the Board of Directors will examine your qualification.

3. After the examination, the Secretariat will inform you to pay the membership fees and the annual dues by transferring payment to our official account.

Swift Code: 700

Account Name: 臺灣學術倫理教育學會周倩

Account Number: 0061251-0183560

To become an official member, the three steps mentioned above should be completed.


Note 1. Please send the last five digits of your remittance account to our Secretariat ( to ensure the application is completed.

Note 2. The validity of membership is counted as a whole year. (For example, the year 2023 is from 2023/01/01 to 2023/12/31.)